Tantirimale monastery, Sri Lanka.

Reaching Tantirimale

Tantirimale monastery can be reached by Anuradhapura-Mahavillachchiya road: 27 km along road is Sri Wimalagnana road to the right. Tantirimale is located another 18km onwards the turn. The motorable road from Anuradhapura has made Tantirimale a popular place of pilgrimage among the Sinhalese Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

Tantirimale ancient monastery

The Tantirimale monastery is a vast panoramic site having sprawling extensive boulders spreading over 250 acres in the midst of thick forest covers. The climb and the walk around the caves and restored ruins is a pleasant experience. Walking to the right and reaching the top of the rock, we reach the Bodhi tree, one of the first eight offshoots of the original Bo-sapling brought to Sri Lanka during the time of King Devanampiyatissa in the third Century BC.

The Dagoba

It is not known of an existence of a dagoba at the monastery during the ancient time. The small modern dagoba on the summit of the largest and highest rock at Tantirimale was built in the year 1976. Walking to the left of the dagoba one reaches the newly-built Image house. An evening stroll round the Tantirimale complex is a pleasant and satisfying experience.