Hiking & Trekking

Whenever you find yourself succumbing to a sense of boredom;
whenever you’re blue and things look glum – what do you do?

If your answer to that question was an unambiguous “Go trekking!”, then this section’s for you. Dedicated to the inimitable task of hauling on heavy-duty shoes and heavier backpacks, of striking out into the great wild outdoors- of going trekking. Hiking, walking the wilds, call it what you will, trekking is the best way to see the world. If you really want to get a feel of the earth; if you really want to walk through the forests and feel the breeze on your face; trudge through unspoilt territory and explore for yourself- go trekking.

And if you’re a tourist or have come visiting- then three cheers for ou! Because this fabulous country offers some of the most awesome trekking opportunities anywhere. All across, from north to south and from east to west, are a series of breathtaking trekking trails, ranging from even-kiddies-can-manage to the hardcore professional. Head for the mountains – for arid but gorgeously beautiful scenery. If you’re looking for adventure; you could make tracks through the several valleys, discovering cascading waterfalls and the countryside for easier treks which take you through stunning landscapes and quaint villages where time stands still.

Go hiking through North western Province to the clearest of lakes and the holiest of Buddhist shrines; or trek further south, where lie rolling hills, craggy peaks and cool valleys, just waiting to be explored. Try your hand (and foot) in the tea estate countryside or go up country to Horton Plains where the dreamy blue-misted hills make for great treks through spice and tea plantations, dense forests and tribal villages. Strike base at Kataragama and you can plan some great treks in the area.

That isn’t all, of course: there are plenty of other treks to try and to enjoy, the hills around Nuwara Eliya and Bandarawela; the Valley of the famous Ella gap, and so much more.

There’s actually no end to the paths you can find, the trails you can follow- or blaze.

For trekking, try walking across the strange silent plateau of Horton Plains near Nuwara Eliya to see the 700m (2296ft) drop at World’s End.

For the keen hiker, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting in Sri Lanka’s diverse and luscious hill country. The beautiful area of BELIHULOYA, located in the hill country of Sri Lanka, provides a superb base from which to try out a wide variety of hiking and trekking tours through jungle, across paddy fields and up mountains.

The river and numerous waterfalls in Sri Lanka are another key attraction that allows hikers and trekkers to enjoy a refreshing dip en-route! In the same area the mysterious.
HORTON PLAINS NATIONAL PARK offers some excellent hikes in an unusual environment, characterised by forest patches, grasslands and some high-altitude vegetation.

Highlights include the dramatic 880 meter drop at World’s End and the beautiful Baker’s Falls. When climbing the infamous ADAM’S PEAK WILDERNESS SANCTURY (SRI PADA), its best to begin your ascent at night in order to arrive at the top in time for a magical sunrise when the mystical shadow of the peak is perfectly cast across the clouds. It is one of those truly unique moments that will live on in your memory long after the aches and pains from the hiking have gone!

The attractive area of BANDARAWELA, in Sri Lanka ‘s mountainous terrain and the nearby town of Ella are renowned for their many walks, including Little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and the Namunukula Mountain Range. If you’re in the Kandy vicinity, don’t miss out on exploring the beautiful Knuckles MOUNTAIN RANGE.

The region stretches an impressive 155 sq km, with five major forest formations, a wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna and some breathtaking mountain scenery. It is a real paradise for hikers, offering numerous trails that journey across clear rivers, through dense forests, past flowing waterfalls and lush tea plantations, and alongside terraced paddy fields and colourful Kandyan home gardens. A hiking tour in Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the fascinating Sinharaja RAINFOREST where a variety of trails can be tailor-made to meet the specific interests/fitness levels of the group.