Camping Holidays

Get, up-close & personal with Nature, Observe Wilderness in all its beauty, splendor and complexities?.

Sri Lanka – described by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island in the world – is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking a holiday away from the usual tourist circuit. Known as the island of serendipity, it offers a wide variety of sights, terrain and accommodation. If you are seeking adventure, Sri Lanka offers hill country plantation estates to jungle, rainforests to tree houses alongside rapid rivers. Go in search of wild Elephants and eagles, or adopt the bygone community life of the traditional Veddah villagers on an eco estate.

You will never be far away from beautiful countryside, wildlife , indigenous birds and plants. A car and driver is the sensible way to get around the island but mountain bikes, White Water Rafting, elephant rides, kayaking, all add to the fun. Yoga and ayurveda are alternatives for the calmer adventurist.

We found a company called Boutique Sri Lanka that is in an unbeatable position to offer information that is not only impartial but also bang up to date. They have visited every eco resort, campsite, safari trek or national park pavilion within the past eighteen months. They provide honest, no-nonsense reviews ensure that the holiday experience will match expectations, ensuring a great adventure holiday in Sri Lanka.

They have an unmatched range of itineraries. At the end of the day, you can retire to a boutique villa on the beach, colonial bungalow on a working pineapple or mahogany plantation or a join a small eco village or tree house that offers a holiday sanctuary sympathetic to the beautiful and unspoilt natural environment. You can combine adventure with luxury if that is your choice.

60% of holiday makers are now preferring the internet as a route to booking holidays. Travellers can build their own itinerary and book on-line or take advantage of the expert guidance from experienced Sri Lankan consultants who will develop a bespoke holiday around a particular theme.

We provide Camping Safaris in all National Parks and Nature Reserves in SriLanka. You may select an “experience of a life time” from our assortment of tours from just one day Safari to few day Camping Safari Tours.

We also offer a wide range of related options connected to camping such as Observing or Studying Fauna or Flora in various types of forests, Bird Watching or Butterfly Watching,…or even Observing and interacting with the indigenous People (Veddha’s) of Sri Lanka.